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Balao Class Submarine Cutaway

Balao is a Cutaway Submarine that was collected from the museum of custom uss Balao ss 285 Class museum, this Cutaway Submarine is quality museum quality wood cutaway. You'll appreciate the design and quality of this submarine.

Balao-class Submarine Layout

The balao-class Submarine is an unique model that is manufactured to be museum quality wood Cutaway submarine, this Submarine is designed as a versatile and efficient underwater warfare tool, first-rate for use in training and operations. The Submarine is able to with ease, making it valuable for use in battle, this beautiful Cutaway Submarine is produced of quality wood and is an excellent addition to evey collection. It is an excellent addition to all museum or collection, this is a custom uss Balao ss 285 Class museum quality wood Cutaway submarine. This sub is in a can of water and is in exceptional condition, this sub is up 1 st in condition across all this sub's in the history of this sub series. This is an outstanding surrogate for an useable submarine, this Balao Class Submarine is an unique piece and is quality wood cutaway. This particular model is a top-of-the-line everyday or occasional use piece, the Balao Class is a water-based submarines and as such, many of them exist in museums and collections around the world. This Cutaway model is from the new ss 285 Class museum quality wood Cutaway model and is a practical alternative for any custom order.