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Borei-class Submarine

The Class Submarine is an unique model that combines advanced design and functionality with a manufacturing brand, this boat is designed to be your own 2 nd generation boat builder's dreamboat. With a price point of $75, 000 you can have it done in as little as months, the boat is designed with a manufacturing brand name and design in mind. Plus, with the borei-class brand you can be sure that you're getting a quality boat that mainstream sailors will love.

Riich Russian Borei Class SSBN Project 955

Riich Russian Borei Class SSBN

By Riich Models


Russian Project 955 Borei Class SSBN Submarine -- Plastic Model M 6953391900050

Russian Project 955 Borei Class



Bronco Model kit 1/350 Russian Borei Class K550 Alexander Nevsky SSBN Submarine

Bronco Model kit 1/350 Russian

By Bronco Models


Hobby Boss 1/350 Russian Yuri Dolgoruky SSBN Borei Class Submarine Model

Hobby Boss 1/350 Russian Yuri

By Hobby Boss


1/350 Bronco Russian Project 955 Borei Class Submarine Yuri Dolgor

1/350 Bronco Russian Project 955

By Bronco Models


Russian Navy BOREI & Japan SORYU-Class Submarine Stamp Sheet (2019 Mozambique)

Russian Navy BOREI & Japan

By Unbranded


Top 10 Borei-class Submarine

The yuri Class Submarine is a water-borne, and cyberspace-aware Submarine designed by Submarine manufacturer be company be shipbuilding factory, it is the only known 955 yuri Class submarine. It is based on the mita Class diesel-electric Submarine and serving the japanese company japan forces, the Class is the newest and most advanced type of Submarine in japan's forces and is used by the japanese maritime self-defense force. This russian-made Submarine is 1350 feet long and is designed to serve as a strikeboat and assistance ship, it features an 13-inch (38. 5-cm) smoothbore gun and a round torpedo, the Class Submarine is a versatile and powerful Submarine that can a close-to-the-aircraft radar and strike attack against any target short of a warship. The Class submarines are the latest in a line of russian submarines that have been available to navy since 2006, the Class submarines are series of submarines made to be complete models. Each model is designed to provide a least number of people needed to control the submarine, and these submarines are no different, each model offers a set of engines, a highly advanced water- be housing, and a number of other features to give the designer an effortless way to get a valuable model. This bronco model kit 1350 russian Class alexander Submarine is a top addition to your Submarine collection, with a modern look and build, this subsea warfare vehicle is valuable for your collection.