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Casio Submariner

Looking for an unique game watch with an unique style? Inquire into the Casio submariner! This watch offers both a custom box and a regular box ready to match your personality, plus, the regular box renders a higher quality that is enticing for lovers who wish for the best in quality.

Casio Submariner Ebay

The Casio submarine battle retro handheld game cg-330 is a rare handheld game that and is the game is a derivative of the Casio submarine war simulator, which is moreover an extremely rare game, it is only about one-third of the size of the Casio submarine war simulator, and contains only a limited number of points (ten). The game is in splendid condition and is therefore very valuable, the Casio Submariner is a first-rate choice for suitors scouring for a splendid wanting and looks good too. This handheld electronic game is only 44 cm in height and is offered in two versions, the c-g-h model and the v-e-v model, the c-g-h model imparts a much larger screen which will give you a better view of the game. The v-e-v model renders a smaller screen which is better for enthusiasts who have a smaller screen, the Casio Submariner is further a top-grade substitute for suitors who crave to keep their costs down by using less electricity. This Casio Submariner is a very rare vintage Casio game that fully worked, it is a high-grade cg-320 handheld game that imparts been in use for some serious fun. The Casio components are top-of-the-line, and this game is no exception, you can see the use that this game renders had in use and on the inside pages of all the Casio manuals that i have seen. This game is that good, the cover is moreover condition towards the front of the game, as if used more often than not. The issues with the game to be less on the cover and more with the game itself, the game wheel is still working and the controls are clean and accurate. The only issue i can find is that the game imparts some age and noise when playing, the game is still working perfectly. This Casio Submariner is a must-have for any Casio fan, the Casio submarine battle cg-330 is a handheld electronic game released in 1985. It is working with a black and white screen and a blue " battlefield " background, the game imparts two controllers for 2-button control and an 3-button controller for 3-dimensional the game includes a booklet with tips, tricks, and instructions from the Casio factory.