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Lego City Ocean Exploration Submarine

Introducing the new Lego City Ocean Exploration Submarine city! This from the watery world of the sea, get ready to explore with your friends in front of the most impressive you've ever seen! With two modes of play, facile to conveys you all the alternative to the bottom of the ocean! Launch your Submarine with ease, use the rightmost control to choose your target, and use the left control to join the rest of your friends in the hidden spots! The Submarine will follow you, telling you where to go! Control the sub with the left control, or use the right control to have it follow you instead, 29 poseable characters and 29 secrets.

LEGO City 60263 Ocean Mini-Submarine Underwater Sea Exploration Building Set

LEGO City 60263 Ocean Mini-Submarine

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Lego City Submarine

This is a terrific addition to your Lego City collection! This Submarine City figure is an amazing addition to your collection and is top for adding some excitement and excitement to your city, this figure is an amazing addition to your City and is an enticing addition for any builder or collector of Lego City figures. This Submarine is an excellent alternative to explore the ocean, it is large and can accommodate both a captain and his family. The Submarine offers a variety of features, including a- deck for combat capabilities, a- for use the sub's computer, and a- central storage for the captain's tools, the Submarine is additionally straightforward to work on, allowing the captain to keep track of what needs to be done. The deep sea Exploration Submarine is an unequaled addition to your Lego City 60264 Ocean Exploration set, it is a fantastic surrogate to explore the oceans and meet new creatures. The Submarine comes with a keepers journal, a pre-order reward, and 286 pieces, these pieces are new, and will be added to your collection when the set is released later this week. This valuable Ocean Exploration vessel is manufactured of plastic, metal, and glass and comes with a variety of accessories, including a sunglasses case, a raincoat, and aboard some amazing ocean-based photos and videos! The Submarine is a splendid addition to each Lego City 60264 area and is sure to add some extra excitement and fun to each setting.