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Rolex Submariner Champagne Dial

This is a beautiful Rolex Submariner Champagne Dial box that is near mint, the Champagne Dial is first-class for your watch and will make it look like a there is a bit of wear left on the gold color but only because it renders been used and not kept on display. The blue bezel is an enticing match for the gold bezel, the box press fit but there is a little gap at the bottom. It grants a slightly sunken design which is all to apparent, it features a nice amount of Champagne Dial material. The top work hardening alternative ensures that your watch will never get rusty.

Top 10 Rolex Submariner Champagne Dial

The Rolex Submariner Champagne Dial for model 16613 - 16618 is a time-based watch featuring a color wheel and black-laceless hands, the watch is fabricated from quality materials and features a top-quality design. The Rolex Submariner date watch 16618 40 mm Champagne Dial is a yellow gold date watch with a number 362, it is set with an iwc movement and a hour radius of 40 degrees. The watch is with a mexican cross dial, the color of the watch is yellow gold and the movement is iwc. The watch is produced in iberia, this Rolex Submariner Champagne Dial is an 18 k yellow gold stainless steel Dial watch! It features a Rolex Submariner 16613 Champagne Dial 18 k yellow gold stainless steel watch face with a green and yellow gold dial. The watch is manufactured with a dial, Dial material, and is fabricated with an 18 k yellow gold stainless steel, this Rolex Submariner Champagne Dial is an outstanding addition to each watch collection! The Rolex Submariner is a critically acclaimed and popular watch that is well loved by luxury enthusiasts and enthusiasts of luxury. This luxury watch is manufactured with a diamond-delta Dial and 40 mm gold watch movement, the Rolex Submariner is additionally made with a high-quality leather and gold clip-on.