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Submarine Attack Game

The submersible uss stinger Attack class Submarine is a first-rate tool for attacking enemy ships, with its unique keypunch ibm software, this sub can destroy your ship quickly and easily.

Cheap Submarine Attack Game

In this fast Attack game, you are squad of navy seals inserted into the world of sub warfare to take on the latest and greatest threats to naval security, though you may be limited in your abilities due to your training, you'll need to be creative in your approach to win the battle and protect our oppressed people. With new dangers popping up on all sides, it's up to you and your team to determine the victor's fate, the Game is set during the ' orion servitude' period, when america was being forced to pay attention to russia because of the strategic needs of the united nations. Do your research and be sure to have the best gear at your disposal- you stand a good chance of success if you can actually see the fight through the air, in this game, you are Submarine that is Attack by a group of torpedo boats. You have to figure out how to dodge their torpedoes and hit your target, the more money you can spend on the torpedoes, the more points you will get. In this fun vintage 1986 mb torpedo run Submarine Attack game, you are navy captain fighting a fast-paced battle against all sorts of foes, use your Submarine to Attack your opponents base, and points while doing so. The Game is played on a long and narrow surface, with no 3 d features and few other games like it, the Game is set to the missing sound of a Submarine call "all hands on the ship! " and the ship responds with "yes, sir! "ensuring everyone is accounted for. In this Submarine Attack game, you are the captain of a Submarine and you have to avoid enemies while operating the submarine, you can use your Submarine to run through obstacles in its substitute and Attack your enemy. To make things more exciting, you can also select different torpedoes to adopt on your attack, to finish the game, you can also find drops of parts that will help your Submarine in its battle against your enemy.