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Submarine Dolphin Lapel Pin

The Submarine Dolphin Lapel Pin is a top-of-the-line gift for any submariner! It is produced with the latest in quality materials and perfected methods to create an unique and beautiful pin, it is exquisite for an admirer who loves the navy, and any person who wants to show their support for military service.

Best Submarine Dolphin Lapel Pin

This Dolphin Lapel Pin is manufactured of durable metal and provides a comfortable fit, it is additionally backed by an us navy war era meaning that you have served your country and are veteran of the vietnam war. This wwii Lapel Pin is manufactured of metal and features a submersible dolphins logo and date of birth, the Pin is fabricated to suit the pocket of an officer's training corps student. The Lapel Pin is fabricated of alloy and grants a smooth outside surface with a small grove in the center, the Lapel Pin also grants a small symbol in the center of the top surface which may be a logo for a submersible dolphin. The bottom of the Lapel Pin is covered in a thin metal film which looks like a fish scales, this film is used to create an unique look for the pin. The Lapel Pin is manufactured to be shiny and the inside imparts a very thin metal film that looks like fish scales, this Submarine Dolphin Lapel Pin is produced of metal and imparts us for the soldier's ve. This Lapel Pin is manufactured of metal and offers a submersible design, it is a fantastic way for a shopper digging for an unique piece of jewelry.