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Toy Submarine Baking Soda

Looking for a fun and unique alternative to celebrate you toys and games? Make sure to assess our Toy submarines! These little Baking Soda submarines have amazing features and are best-in-class surrogate to add a touch of fun to your activities, get a mini Baking Soda Submarine today.

Baking Powder Submarine

This nos Toy is from the 1988 season of the Submarine vtg plastic diving Baking Soda Submarine vending gum toy, it is a Toy that is used to help children with their diving skills. The Toy is manufactured of plastic and gives a gum on top that helps children to redemption the Baking powder, this is a vintage-era Toy Submarine vending machine. The machine is orange with a blue Baking Soda run line, there is a small Toy Submarine in with a blue Baking Soda run line. This vintage Submarine vending machine Toy is a splendid addition to your Submarine collection! The Toy provides a green color and is fabricated of plastic, it imparts a small printout that tells you how much Baking Soda is left in the can, and also renders a fun game of "bake bagnel" (not really). The Toy is probably in its early days of production, as there are only a few minutes of use, but it's a fun Toy to create and play with. This Baking Soda submarines tasted top-notch and was a hit with the kids! We used a powered dive machine and it worked top-notch to bak Soda Submarine cereal gumball toys.