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Ww2 Submarines

This is a best-in-class opportunity for a store that specializes in vintage humans and leather jackets, they are selling a german submariner jacket as part of their sale. The jacket is from the era of the war, and is a top-of-the-heap addition to your product inventory.

Submarine Models

The pin badge is a sensational symbol of reward and recognition during military submersion warfare, it is produced of metal and wood with a graphics of a boat filled with officers and soldiers of the navy. The badge can be worn on the chest or hung around the neck, this is an unique plastic submarine model from the Ww2 era that is handcrafted only for the usn only. The model is manufactured from wood base and there is only one of these made just for them, this is a beautiful and unique piece and terrific for a personal collection. The collins tcs-12 Ww2 submarine radio complete ham is an excellent way for military collectors and enthusiasts who enjoy using vintage radio frequencies to enjoy old-time radio programming, this radio is complete and gives all the features of the original built-in speaker and microphone. It is in excellent condition with no previous use, the ham user will appreciate the easy-to-use radio, the ability to enjoy old-time radio programming, and the ability to communicate with the submersible on different frequencies. This scale submarine model is an unrivaled addition to each collection hunting for military hardware! This model is a top-notch surrogate to add to your portsmouth navy or any other military collection.