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Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp

This Yellow Submarine Lamp is only from the era of the beatles, it is a limited edition and will only be available to purchase at yellow.

Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp Amazon

This Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp features a beautiful blue-green Lava Lamp shade, the Lamp is produced of durable plastic and features a beatles submersible Lava lamp. This Lamp is top-of-the-heap for any celebrate the shown below! This Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp is a valuable addition to room and is sure to make a statement, this Lamp is manufactured of plastic and presents a brown color and is about 15. 5" tall, the Lamp extends a green light and is in excellent condition. The Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp is a first-class addition to room and top-of-the-heap for the price, this Lamp is in mint condition and will light up your night time easily. This Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp is a delicious addition to each room that needs a little bit of color and motion, the beatles are ali-baba and the kliq's favorite characters and this Lamp is a delicious Yellow and blue glimmer that features some features such as a submersible, deep sea swimming, fishing, and racing. This Lamp is a peerless addition to all room that needs a Yellow and blue light beautiful lamp.